Here are some ideas that I have stumbled across, rephrased to sound clever and/or poetic.


It’s better to try and fail than it is to fail to try.

Tech companies will use you like a loser until they lose you as a user.

Every utopia is a dystopia for the beneficiary, but every dystopia is a utopia for the rebel.

Prose & Poems

The Pendulum

Religious freedom stems from persecution,
And freedom of speech comes from censorship.
Political freedom rises against authoritarianism,
And economic freedom, from the ineptitude of centralization.
Those yearning for power commit these atrocities
And so spur freedom for the next generation.
But if these wrongs go undone,
Then we forget our freedoms’ importance,
And we disregard them as archaic,
And we destroy them, for after all,
They are naught but problematic.

Names (by anonymous)

Names carved on wood, names hewn on stone
Intended to be forever known.
Lovers from the past and the great Caesars of old
On wood and on stone their deeds they told.
I was here, alike they declare;
I came, I saw, I conquered - Beware!
But once they are gone, does anyone care?
For just as wood rots away, so stone wears away;
Perhaps these great names were never meant to stay.

The Ironic Child

I don’t care if it’s good, just please my taste,
Nor if it is right so long as it feels right.
Your truth’s your opinion - out of my face;
Your speech is as free as my tolerance for hate.
Fake news and conspiracies are quite fine
When the witch hunt is after an enemy of mine.
Who defines justice? Just let us agree
That justice is served in favor of me.

Individual and Community

An individual doing what’s good for an individual is called love;
An individual doing what’s good for the community is called virtue;
The community doing what’s good for the community is called government;
The community doing what’s good for an individual is called authoritarianism.

Self Reference

Under the correct level of abstraction one can find misinformation anywhere, even in this sentence.

I became interested in privacy out of fear that someone would leverage my emotions to manipulate my interests.

never trust a badly writen arugment thats to genralized and relys on anectdotal evidance there all bad i never trust them and you shudent to